Women Be Inspired 2011 Devotions





 Thank You God  Psalm 136:1  New King James Version 01/03/2011
 Trusting Our God  Psalm  71:1  King James Version 01/10/2011
 God Can Handle Your Mistakes  James 5:11  King James Version  01/17/2011
 Let's Do Good Things!
 Galatians 6:9  New Living Translation  01/24/2011
 True Prosperity  Isaiah 1:19  New Living Translation  01/31/2011
 Shout With Joy!  Psalm 100:1  New Living Translation  02/07/2011
 No Fear  2 Timothy 1:7  King James Version  02/14/2011
 Trust God While Giving Thanks  Philippians 4:6   New International Version  02/21/2011
 Stand Still And See The Salvation Of The Lord  Numbers 23:19  New Living Translation  02/28/2011
 Always Pray  Luke 18:1  New Living Translation  03/07/2011
 Don't Look Back!  Genesis 19:26  New Living Translation  03/14/2011
 Changing Your Thinking  Romans 12:2  Contemporary English Version  03/21/2011
 Encouragement From Within  1Samuel 30:6  Amplified  03/28/2011
 All Things Are Possible With God  Luke 1:37  King James Version  04/04/2011
 Your Preferences Versus God's Principles  Luke 22:42  New International Version  04/11/2011     
 Blessed And Rewarded
 Matthew 5:11-12
 English Standard Version
Tracking With God   Colossians 4:2  New International Version  04/25/2011
 New Life In God  John 3:8a  Contemporary English Version  05/02/2011
 The Love Triangle: Formula For Complete Love  Mark:12:33  New Living Translation  05/09/2011
 Conquering Despite The Consequences  Isaiah 1:18  King James Version  05/16/2011
 Power Struggle  John 3:30  King James Version  05/23/2011
 When We Should Thank And Praise God  Psalm:100:1  King James Version  05/30/2011
 Finding The Good In The Bad  Philippians 4:12  New International Version  06/06/2011
 God Hears Us!  Psalm 64:1  King James Version  06/13/2011
 The Love Of A Father  1John 3:1  New International Version  06/20/2011
 Worshipers Wanted  John 4:24  New Living Translation  06/27/2011
Maximizing Messy Mishaps  Psalm 37:23-24  New Living Translation  07/04/2011
 Trusting God When Things Look Opposite   Proverbs 3:6  New International Version  07/11/2011
 There Is Life In Your Dead Situation   John 11:44  King James Version  07/18/2011
 Refusing The Distraction  1 Peter 5:8  King James Version  07/25/2011
 Your Dreams Can Happen  Psalm 34:7  New Living Translation  08/01/2011
 Encouraging Yourself In The Midst Of Adversity
 1 Samuel 30:6b  Amplified  08/08/2011
 God Can Handle It
 Genesis 18:14a
 King James Version
 There Is Help Available
 Hebrews 4:16
 King James Version
 Don't Go Back To Bondage
 Galatians 5:3
 King James Version
 Rejoicing In God
 Psalm 118:24
 King James Version
 Keeping Our Trust In Him Is A Decision
Job 13:5   New International Version
 Looking To God For The Answer
Job 12:13   New International Version  09/19/2011
 God Is Closer Than You Think
 Jeremiah 29:13  New International Version  09/26/2011
 The Blessing Of Trusting God
 Jeremiah 17:7  New International Version  10/03/2011
 Give Thanks To The Lord!
 1 Chronicles 16: 34  King James Version  10/10/2011
 God Is Working It Out For You  Romans 8:28   King James Version  10/17/2011
 Thanking God In All Situations  1Thessalonians 5:18  King James Version  10/24/2011
 Nothing Is Too Hard For Our God (Part 1)  Jeremiah 32:17  New Living Translation  10/31/2011
 Nothing Is Too Hard For Our God (Part 2- He Will Meet Our Needs)  Jeremiah 32:18  New Living Translation  11/07/2011
 It's Time To Exercise...Your Faith!  Luke 17:5  King James Version  11/14/2011
 God Will Keep His Promise  Numbers 23:19  New Living Translation  11/21/2011
 What Should I Do With Christ?  Matthew 27:22 (a)  King James Version  11/28/2011
 Trusting In God's Word  Psalm 1:2  King James Version  12/05/2011
 Women Of Wisdom:Build!  Proverbs 14:1  King James Version  12/12/2011
 Recognizing Your Season And Embracing It  Ecclesiastes 3:1  King James Version  12/19/2011
 Forgetting Past Mistakes And Walking Forward With Jesus  Philippians 3:13  New Living Translation  12/26/2011